Interview with Dzmitry Doryn

Dzmitry Doryn is a 3D Artist from Minsk, Belarus
with 7 years of industry experience.
He likes to work with Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter
and Unreal Engine 4.

What led you into the CGI/2D? Tell us your story.

Everything started with the map editor for Warcraft3. I played a lot and suddenly start trying to make maps. And when I found out that we can add custom 3D model there, this part interested me much more than the creation of maps. From this very point, I googled for the first time “how to create 3d model” and find torrent link for 3dsMax 🙂 First steps have been taken ^_^ if you wanna know results, I did nothing

7 years ago I quit the university in order to grow professionally in 3D gaming industry. I became an intern at «world of warship» project at Wargaming. At that time in the post-soviet it was impossible to get a specialized education for video game industry, just like right now 🙂

Where do you go to get inspired? What/Who inspires you?

I not good at drawing, that’s why I’m inspired by some 2d artists’ works such as And I am really in love with Lip Comarella style
And one man army Chuvabak I think there is nothing impossible to this guy

How does a typical working day look like?

Like a routine but it’s ok, I think 80% routine and 20% of fun it a typical balance. Now I’m working on a project where I am an art director. So basically during my workday, I do quality control assets that provaid by our team and some outsource teams and guide the visual direction for our product. This is a new direction for me, so I’m getting deeper into the study of team management.

What does your workplace look like?

Recently I’ve updated my working station and can not resist boasting a bit.

How do you stay motivated in this industry?

I think everyone finds something for the motivation. For some people it’s a contest, being a part of big projects or number of followers and their support. There are a lot of variants. But for me for some specific moment it was the desire to be noticed by professionals of the industry and be a member of the coolest crowd. Now it’s a desire to learn something new and improve my skills. To compete with myself.

What is your passion beside CGI/2D?

It’s simple – video games.

How do you keep your portfolio up to date? Any tips?

I don’t spam all my works to the portfolio. Try to keep it relevant to my skills. That’s why recently I’ve deleted half of my old works. And I want to delete something again, but in that case I have to create new works. But unfortunately I have not so much free time.

What Software do you use to create your artwork?

I have a standard software set, that I use for creating my works.
Maya, Zbrush, Substance package, Photoshop. Sometimes I use marvelous designer, speed tree,and megascans

What Software do you want to learn in future? And why?

Houdini makes the process of creating a lot of things easier. But I’m still stopped by the high input threshold associated with coding and math.

Which books would you recommend to the read?

I think that software is an instrument and I’m not a good adviser for books about software. It’s much more important to have art base and improve your art skills. So, then you can read the following books

What music do you listen to while working?

Dragon Age and Skyrim ost. The Lord of the Rings ost, Hans Zimmer or some nordic music.

Any advice for new Artists?

Watch this video.
Remember that it’s very important to compare yourself just with yourself from yesterday. Do not stress thinking that you are not so good like that guy from artstation. All artists started with little things and every person has his own unique way to success.