Interview with Karina Bastos

Karina Bastos is a from ?Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with 6 years of industry experience. She likes to work with ZBrush.

What led you into the CGI/3D? Tell us your story.

I think like the most of us, I was a nerd kid who loved games, animes and movies. I used to spend hours drawing w my own characters and I started to wish I could make more for them, make it more “real” . Growing up watching the improve in video games visuals and styles I get inspired, and by the time I started my graduation in Graphic Design I decide to focus my work on 3d characters, so I could finally mix my both passions creating characters and work with videogames.

Where do you go to get inspired? What/Who inspires you?

I like to search for inspiration from another artists in sites like artstation and pinterest, its really inspiring see what people are creating out there and helps me to think outside my comfort zone. But most of the times I get inspired with things that I like since I was a kid like games, animes and movies.

How does a typical working day look like?

I started working from home 3 years ago, so I start my day with a nice breakfast and then I go straight to my office and start working on whatever project that I need to do. I don’t have an regular amount of hours to work, so depending on the project it could take me all day long. I usually save some hours at night before bed to work on my personal projects or make some sculpts studies.

But I also like to take a break in the afternoons so I save a couple of time to take care of myself, go to the gym, prepare a nice meal to my family or just relax a little bit.

What does your workplace look like?

Nothing fancy, just simple and comfy workspace, with my PC, some books, my old tablet and a couple of figures that come and go depending on my mood.

How do you stay motivated in this tough industry?

I think the thing that motivates me the most it’s seeing how much I improve during a project. So the better way to stay motivated for me is creating. Keep working on your projects, doing your studies. It doesn’t necessarily need to be something to show on your portfolio but some new software that you wanna learn or just practicing anatomy and see your progress will keep you motivated.

What is your passion beside CGI/3D?

I like travel and photography. I dondo travel as much as I wanted, but when I have time I like travel discovering new places, new food and take lots of photos. Its important for us going out of the home office and see the world once in a while , I always come back more inspired to work from a trip.

How do you keep your portfolio up to date? Any tips?

Do thing that you like, but also try to learn something new from your personal projects. I like to try to use my personal projects to study something that I need at the moment. It helps me keep the focus when I set a goal for the project and avoids letting projects unfinished.

What Software do you use to create your artwork?

zBrush/ 3Ds Max/ Marvelous Design/ Substance Painter/ 3D Coat/ Photoshop and sometimes Maya.

What Software do you want to learn in future? And why?

I’m a 3Ds Max user, but I’m always hearing good things about Maya and it’s something I always wanted to learn. I started to use a bit because of work but I hope to learn more and do a project using Maya soon.

Which books would you recommend to the read?

I really like reading books to relax a bit from work , so if you’re looking for books to read for pleasure I recommend:

● The Dark Tower books: Stephen King ● A Song of Ice and Fire books: George R. R Martin

For work I recommend:

● Anatomy for Sculptors – Understanding the Human Figure ● Art Fundamentals- color, light, composition, anatomy, perspective and depth – from 3d Total publisher

What music do you listen to while working?

I love listening animes and games soundtrack and a lot of Kpop too… XD

Any advice for new Artists?

Stay productive, do things that you really like , don’t give up and don’t forget to take a break once in while. 🙂