Interview with Tea Me

Tea Me is a Illustrator @ZSY studio from Shanghai, China.
She likes to work with Photoshop.

What led you into the CGI/2D? Tell us your story.

Due to the different growing environments, I have been exposed to a large number of Japanese animations and comics. I have experienced the rise of the Internet and the iteration of the game. I am a very favorite person who plays games. As a player, I can always be those who Interesting stories and avatars were impressed until 2009, when I saw a group of cg fantasy art works with vivid details on the Internet. I was very interested in the year when I was admitted to college. The tablet of the CG has been the way to learn and create.

Where do you go to get inspired? What/Who inspires you?

I like travelling very much. Freshness is very important to me. Even if I just walk in the community and see the color and light changes of the plants throughout the year, I will also sigh the beauty of nature. Some great masters in history, I also Will pay attention to, for example, my favorite artist Egon Schiele, surrealist master Dali, of course, in addition to movies and animation, I will also go to see a lot of interesting documentaries, recently interested in aviation, the universe, science fiction.

How does a typical working day look like?

Get up at 7:30 in the morning, go to the company to do some game concept design work, start painting or learning after arriving at home around 8pm.

What does your workplace look like?

How do you stay motivated in this industry?

Keep daily self-renewal, continue to work hard, know more people with lofty ideals, encourage each other, pay attention to game animation movies and market information.

What is your passion beside CGI/2D?

I like to write stories. The longest novel I write is 170,000 words, even though it is not a good story.

How do you keep your portfolio up to date? Any tips?

I will often browse the personal pages of excellent artists, and I also is the fixed users of ARTSTATION and PINTEREST. I will also pay attention to some of the latest fashion shows. It is necessary to have curiosity and enthusiasm for everything. The most important thing is to live. simple.

What Software do you use to create your artwork?


What Software do you want to learn in future? And why?

Blender, learning some rendering and 3d assist is necessary for me to make a more realistic conceptual design work.

Which books would you recommend to the read?

TASCHEN Original ukiyo-e (Japanese genre painting) Hiroshige Ando Hiroshi Collection One Hundred Art Painting Album

What music do you listen to while working?

Classical music – Brahms, Japanese music (Hand Island Kui / Sakamoto Ryuichi / Hisaishi Jean…), the epic background music of the film, depends on what type of work I am creating.

Any advice for new Artists?

Stay motivated, stay curiosity, keep yourself updated and keep your heart full of love.